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How do I book a collection for my vehicle at the end of my agreement?

As you approach the end of your agreement, you will need to arrange a collection for your/your company’s vehicle. This includes an inspection of your/your company's vehicle which will be co-ordinated by one of our appointed collection agents.

What do I need to remember when returning my vehicle?

There are a few key things to remember when returning your/your company's vehicle.

How do I return my vehicle?

Arranging the vehicle’s collection can be actioned up to and including 13 weeks in advance.

How do I prepare my vehicle for collection?

When preparing your/your company's vehicle for collection:

What do I need to return?

You/your company will need to return the following with your vehicle:

What do I need to remove?

You need to remove the following from your vehicle:

What condition does my vehicle need to be returned in?

Even with careful driving and regular maintenance, a vehicle’s condition can deteriorate over time. This is known within the vehicle leasing industry as ‘fair wear and tear’, which is defined and governed by the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association) fair wear and tear guidelines.

Scuffs and scratches

Scuffs and scratches within 25mm are acceptable where:

Dents and chips

Dents no larger than 15mm in diameter are acceptable where: There are no more than 2 per panel Paint surface isn't broken There are no dents on the wheel arch rims/trims There are no dents on roof or swage line Chips are no larger than 3mm in...

What happens if I've exceeded my mileage limit?

If your/your company vehicle is returned and you’ve gone over your/your company agreed mileage limit, you/your company may need to pay excess mileage charges. You/Your company could also be charged for any missing items.

If I haven’t used my contracted mileage allowance, can I get a refund or offset it against vehicle damage?

No, the mileage allowance in your contract is the maximum mileage the vehicle can be returned with at the end of your contract. Not using all your mileage doesn’t mean you qualify for a refund.

Are there any other charges I need to be aware of?

Depending upon the condition of your vehicle, your agreement type and the timing/circumstances of your collection, there may be additional charges related to your vehicle’s collection. Details of possible charges are below if you click ‘read more’.

Where can I see typical examples of damage recharges?

IMPORTANT - All repairs must be completed to a satisfactory professional standard. Poor repairs may incur a charge.

Do I need to remove my cherished plate from my vehicle before collection?

If you have a cherished plate on your vehicle, you will need to remove it before your agreement ends and you book your vehicle collection. We recommend contacting us at least 8 weeks before the end of your agreement to give us enough time to remove your cherished plate.

Who will be collecting my vehicle and what will happen on the day of collection?

Your vehicle will be collected by our appointed collection agent, BCA Logistics (BCAL).

Do I need to replace a lost key?

At the end of your contract your vehicle needs to be returned with all keys, including the spare key. If you have lost any of your vehicle’s keys, you can find how to replace them and more by clicking “read more”.