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How do I return my vehicle?

How do I return my vehicle?

Arranging the vehicle’s collection can be actioned up to and including 13 weeks in advance. It is important that the insurance you/your company has in place for the vehicle remains in place until the vehicle has been returned to us. Once arranged, ALD Automotive will provide you/your company with a booking confirmation and guidelines on how best to return the vehicle in advance of collection. Follow the steps outlined below when it's time to return your vehicle:

45 days to go - Book your collection

  • Book a date for your/your company's current vehicle’s collection using the details we provide to you - we need at least 5 working days’ notice before the date your agreement ends. We can collect your/your company's vehicle at a location that’s convenient for you (within mainland UK and Ireland). A collection fee may be payable at the time of booking. Click here for more information about booking a collection.
  • Picking your next vehicle up from a dealership? If you plan to leave your/your company's current vehicle at a dealership when you pick up your new vehicle you’ll need to tell us that’s where you’d like it collected from.
  • Personalised registration plate? If you’re not the registered keeper of the vehicle, please contact us to have it removed. If you are the registered keeper click here to have it removed.


1 month to go - Prep your/your company's current vehicle for inspection & collection

  • Check the condition of your/your company's vehicle using the steps in the 'How do I prepare my vehicle for collection?' section, referring to the BVRLA guidelines available here.
  • Spot any damage that falls outside of these guidelines? Decide whether to repair it now to minimise the risk of charges when you hand the vehicle back.


3 weeks to go - Check service receipts

  • Make sure your service/maintenance book is fully stamped and up to date. If your/your company's vehicle doesn’t have a service book, or service records are stored on the vehicle’s key, you’ll need to provide us with paper copies of the service/maintenance history.


10 days to go - Last chance to book your collection

  • Last opportunity to book a collection if you haven’t already. We need at least 5 working days’ notice before the date your agreement ends.
  • Make sure your/your company's vehicle has a valid MOT — it must be in place on the day of collection.


1 day before collection - Carry out final checks

  • Remove all personal belongings and clear any data from the onboard sat nav, phone or entertainment system (see 'What do I need to remove?' section for more details).
  • Replace any items you’ve removed from the vehicle (see 'What do I need to return?' section for more details).
  • You’ll receive a text from the collection agent to check you’re still happy with the collection date and location.


Day of collection - Your vehicle will be collected at the agreed location

  • It will be inspected by an independent BVRLA representative upon collection or later at a de-fleet centre.
  • Make sure you hand over all sets of keys, all the service and maintenance records and any other documentation.
  • Remember to send us the V5C vehicle registration document if you have this.
  • You’ll need to sign to confirm you’ve handed the vehicle over to the collection agent.


14 days+ after collection - If your/your company's vehicle is considered to have any damage that falls outside of fair wear and tear, we’ll invoice you for the relevant charges. You’ll also be invoiced for any excess mileage charges and any missing items.


To reduce the risk of additional charges, make sure your/your company's vehicle is available at the agreed date and location, it has a valid MOT that’s in place on the day of collection and it’s in a roadworthy condition. Fees may be applied if you require special collection arrangements not discussed at the time of booking.