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How do I book a collection for my vehicle at the end of my agreement?

How do I book a collection for my vehicle at the end of my agreement?

As you approach the end of your agreement, you will need to arrange a collection for your/your company’s vehicle. This includes an inspection of your/your company's vehicle which will be co-ordinated by one of our appointed collection agents. It is important that during this period your/your company's insurance remains valid until the vehicle has been returned to us.

Depending on your agreement type you might have to pay a collection fee ahead of booking your collection.

Your/your company’s collection can be booked in advance from 13 weeks before the date your agreement ends. We need at least 5 working days’ notice before the date your agreement ends otherwise you may incur additional charges.

To book your collection, please email us here, including the below information:

  • Your vehicle’s registration number.
  • Your account reference number (your account reference number is typically between 5-7 numbers and starts with a Q).
  • Your preferred collection date (Monday to Friday).
  • Collection Address
  • Best contact telephone number for the collection.
  • Name of the collection contact.

Please be aware that if your email comes from an email address not currently registered to your account, we will need you to complete some data verification questions.

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