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Can I take my vehicle abroad?

Can I take my vehicle abroad?

It is a legal requirement that you carry the appropriate authorisation documents if you wish to take your/your company's vehicle abroad (incl. Republic of Ireland).

If your vehicle is registered to ALD Automotive, as specified within your/your company's agreement, please notify us 28 days prior to your trip so we can send you/your company all the required documentation, these will be valid for 12 months from their date of issue. e.g. Vehicle on Hire Certificate and a Letter of Authority.

If your vehicle is not registered to ALD Automotive, you are responsible for arranging for the appropriate documentation to be completed before you travel.

In addition, please familiarise yourself with any motoring legislation that applies in the country you/your company are visiting. For example, travel within the European Union and some other European countries now requires the display of a UK sticker or the UK identifier on the number plate and to carry a green card from your/your company's insurer. It is recommended that a green card is applied for via your/your company's insurer at least 6 weeks in advance of travel. However, it is always your/your company's responsibility to check the latest position and requirements.

If you do not have maintenance included in your agreement: AA Fleet Europe

  • To register for AA Fleet Europe breakdown assistance please call Driver Assistance. This provides cover for mechanical breakdown within mainland Europe up to a maximum 90 day trip. Please ensure you/your company follow the guidelines included within your pack. If you/your company are travelling in Northern Ireland you must seek assistance from your/your company's usual breakdown agent.
  • Following a breakdown, if your/your company's vehicle cannot be repaired and requires transportation back to the UK and you/your company have been provided with a replacement vehicle, you/your company will need to leave the hire vehicle in the country of origin and collect another in your destination country. This is because hire vehicles are non-transferable between countries.
  • Accident assistance is dependent upon your/your company's insurer. They can, ultimately, handle the whole case through to completion. The breakdown company will work with your/your company's insurer to ensure any requested assistance is given.

Please note:

  • There is no cover for personal effects/goods/vehicles/boats or other waterborne craft on or in your/your company's vehicle/trailer.
  • If your/your company vehicle is left in a ditch, standing on soft ground, or stuck in water or snow, the AA will endeavour to help but you/your company may be charged.
  • The AA reserve the right to refuse assistance if you/your company are not present at the scene of the breakdown or accident.
  • Rental cover: MPVs, 4x4s, minibuses, vans, etc. with auto transmission are difficult to hire and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
  • Rental cover: The AA cannot guarantee replacement vehicles with a tow bar, therefore caravans or trailers may have to remain with your/your company vehicle in order to be recovered. Replacement roof boxes, personal belongings, vehicles, boats or other waterborne craft cannot be arranged.