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Are there any other charges I need to be aware of?

Are there any other charges I need to be aware of?

Depending upon the condition of your vehicle, your agreement type and the timing/circumstances of your collection, there may be additional charges related to your vehicle’s collection. Details of possible charges are included below.

Vehicle Appraisal Charges

Occasionally, collection agents may miss damage to a vehicle due to environmental impact such as poor light and/or weather conditions. Please be aware that you/your company may be liable for any damage not recorded at point of collection when it is clear that the damage is not new and has been missed at the initial inspection. If you/your company believe that any damage mentioned is new, we will ask you/your company to confirm this in writing so that we can address this with the collection agent.

If the collection agent identifies damage outside of the BVRLA fair wear and tear standards, you/your company can request a damage schedule with digital images (if applicable). Should you/your company then wish to discuss any damage, it is important that you/your company contact us after receiving the damage schedule. All queries will be dealt with as quickly as possible. For more details about vehicle appraisal charges, please click here.

Collection Fee

Depending on your agreement type you might have to pay a collection fee . If you are not sure if a collection fee is due, please call us on 03700 011 181 and we will be happy to help.

Aborted Collection Fee and Special Collection Arrangements

If a detailed inspection cannot be conducted because your/your company vehicle is not clean, the collection process may not be completed and a charge will be applied. If this is the case, we will write to you/your company to explain why your inspection could not be completed. You/Your company may also be charged an ‘aborted collection fee’ if the vehicle is not available or is in an unroadworthy condition. Additional fees may be charged if special collection arrangements are required.

Late Hire

If your vehicle collection is booked for a date after your end of contract date, Late Hire charges may apply. For further details about Late Hire please click here.